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Current projects

Audit Metering

The Vereniging Meetbedrijven Nederland (VMNed) controls the quality of metering systems via independent audits of her member organizations. For the large-scale electricity Turquoise Energy Management took over this task from DNV-GL after a tender in 2016. We audit both the administrative process at the member organization and the work in the field of the meter specialist that check every large-scale electricity meter after its installation and every sixed year during its lifetime. We add value through identifying improvement possibilities with our positive critical analysis. For more info: or contact Jeike Wallinga at Turquoise Energy Management.

Design - Engineering Sustainable Homes

Knarrenhof is living concept for active seniors that collectively develop housing, aimed at being able to live self-supporting with help of your neightbours when getting older. In 2016 Turquoise developed a sustainable energy concept for Knarrenhof. This concept for newly build houses enables consumers and project developers to obtain a sustainable energy system for their house without an extra investment upfront. This counts for both for houses owned by a housing company and by privately owned houses. Solar cells to power the all-electric supply of warm water, heat and household consumption are funded via the Energy Service Company (ESCo) of Turquoise Energy Management. Heating can be done by an Electric CV, heat pump or IR-panels. For the warm water supply Electric CV or heat pump are installed. When netting (‘saldering’) is being abolished, the ESCo will provide a storage system without added costs for the house owners and tenants.

Finished projects

Gemeente Amsterdam
Sustainable Zuidoost

The energy transition asks a lot from municipalities in terms of the role they (should) play. Turquoise helps Amsterdam to get an overview of all sustainability developments, the role they should assume and formulating an energy ambition/strategy for Zuidoost.

Gemeente Zwolle
Sustainable Spoorzone and Hanzeland

Together with Robert Colijn and Annemarie Beumers, Turquoise Energy Management develops a concrete plan for a sustainable energy system development in the Spoorzone Zwolle and Hanzeland, a very attractively situated neighbourhood on the south side of train station Zwolle. Both climate change adaptation and climate change mitigation are high on the agenda. Turquoise brings in project management skills, technical knowledge on sustainable energy and water management and plays a key role in presenting the plan to the administration.

Gemeente Amsterdam
Asset Management

The municipality of Amsterdam is running a program to improve Asset Management skills for the assets in Public Space. Part of the program is aimed at extending the knowledge on the performance, the costs and the risks of an asset. For the Light Assets (Public Lighting, Traffic Control Systems and Traffic Information Systems) Turquoise supports the staff members in gaining the required insight. Furthermore Turquoise developed the first Asset Management Plans.

Ecodorp Boekel
Designing a sustainable village

Ecodorp Boekel has the ambition to be autonomous on energy, water and food supply. Turquoise helps Ecodorp Boekel with the design of the right energy system. After the energy system is realised, Turquoise will assume the role of ESCo.

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