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Kasumaye Light - Senegal

Otto has a passion for sustainable energy in combination with the quality of our environment. He acts as a liaison between people and parties to realise solutions. Otto has extensive experience in project management, process management and strategic vision development.

In collaboration with Alliander sustainable homes are realised in the town Abene. This project is being executed together with the residents.

FluentBlue searches for untapped resources and translates those resources into business value through projects. Re-using stranded assets, creating smart solutions for “impossible” business cases are some examples of these projects. 

Using creativity in combining existing solutions into a new one is his strength. Tanju believes in the abundance of many things especially when it comes to energy. Tanju has a background in Information Technology. As a project or program manager, he is capable of looking at a problem from the view of all stakeholders.

William Hartman

Today’s infrastructure challenges and opportunities call for multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral perspectives. Warnsdag is a provider of management consulting services. Our experience covers the life cycle of projects, from planning, design and construction, to operations with particular emphasis on total project management for infrastructure development and energy distribution.

William Hartman is a senior manager and consultant with more than 25 years of experience in urban planning and infra development. Translates long-term visions into functional, sustainable and esthetical public value. Particular emphasis on complex design issues such as smart energy distribution networks, interconnected public transportation and railway terminals.

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